Olive oil is 100% natural
and is the healthiest fat
for your diet
Benefits of Olive Oil
Olive oil is
is the healthiest fat
for your diet
Olive oil is a fat and, as such, it has structural, storage and metabolic features. However, not all fats are the same and, due to its constitution, olive oil is the best fat for the body. Overall, olive oil is composed of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids that are essential to the organism. It also contains liposoluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) and antioxidants (polyphenols and tocopherols).
These components have a positive impact on your health, namely:
  • Help reduce total cholesterol rate and increase high-density lipoproteins or “good cholesterol” (HDL), decreasing the risk of heart attack;
  • Favour normal bone growth by stimulating calcium growth and absorption;
  • Protect the digestive system and regulate intestinal transit;
  • Prevent the harmful effects of aging on brain functions and the aging of tissues and organs in general;
  • Help prevent the development of cardio-vascular diseases;
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps prevent different types of cancer;
  • Decrease aggregation of blood platelets, reducing the risk of thrombosis;
  • Prevent the development of diabetes.